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November Fireside Chats – An Exploration of Personalized Gifts

As 2020 has been a year to reflect, we anticipate an uptick in personalized jewelry gifts this holiday season. This month we will dedicate each Friday to inspire and advise on thoughtful gifts for all your loved ones during our 9am Fireside Chats. So, kick back, get cozy and enjoy our chats live or at your convenience on our Facebook page.


Week One – “Partial Custom” with Rachel Burazer, A&L Sales Associate

November 6th

With the holidays just around the corner, it’s not too late to create a customized piece for all the special people on your list. Rachel will guide us through the capabilities and process of “partial custom”, a great way to create personalized jewelry using existing mountings in different metals and gemstones, which takes less time to complete than full custom or starting from scratch. The product is a gift full of sentiment that is guaranteed to touch the heart of the recipient. Rachel is passionate about design. She tends to be the “go-to” for custom and equally enjoys partial custom pieces. She will feature a few of her favorite customizable pieces. To view other options, shop our extensive collection of personalized gifts and family jewelry.


Week Two – “Engraving” with Anne Wilson, A&L Sales Associate

November 13th

Engraving can transform your lovely gift into a treasure for posterity; it might just be the perfect option. Sometimes, a date is all that is needed; sometimes, a name or monogram; and other times, a meaningful quote works the magic.  Anne has created some of the most beautiful engraved pieces at Argo & Lehne and has a discerning eye for fine details. She will highlight a few of our most popular engravable gifts, and ideas for thoughtful messaging and placement. Shop our Engravable Collection in advance.


Week Three – “Gemstones” with Casey Cunningham, A&L Sales Associate

November 20th

For thousands of years, gemstones have been a gift of meaning and allure. Thus they are the perfect gift to mark the milestones of engagement, marriage, friendships, parenthood, birthdays, travels, traditions, and of course, love. Find out Casey’s selection of her favorite in-stock gemstone jewelry while learning the meaning behind the stones. She has also curated a selection of unusually beautiful loose gemstones that will be available for a limited time – an ideal gift for someone who appreciates beauty and rarity. Shop both our Jewelry and Vintage Jewelry Collection.


Week Four – “The 2020 Gift Giving Guide” with Michelle Ward, A&L President

November 27th

For those of you still uncertain of what to gift, we will highlight and model this year’s most sought-after gifts for everyone on your list. And for those looking to add to their own holiday wish list, this is a not-to-miss chat! As it is Black Friday, we will have a great promotion as an incentive for watching. We look forward to spending the morning with you.  



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Amazing Amethyst!

Queen Elizabeth in the Kent Amethysts. Photo:


Purple – combining the passion of red and the calm of blue – conveys balance and bliss, and a hint of mystery. Those of us who love it see it as a powerful color. Think of the purple robes and amethyst jewels of royalty. Amethyst was once up there with diamonds, emeralds, and rubies in rarity and preciousness, and thus was considered crown jewels material. Then in the early 19th century, a large deposit was discovered in Brazil and suddenly, supply and demand being what it is, amethysts became more plentiful and less valuable. We see that as a plus – amethysts haven’t changed. If anything, they are better with more from which to choose. But now they’re not just for royalty and the wealthy but are readily available to all of us!


Color is the sublimely beautiful main attraction of the amethyst. It is always purple, but can range from a light lavender or even purplish pink to very dark, almost black purple, and also reddish to a more bluish hue. Hue, tone, and saturation determine the color quality. Hue is the basic color (i.e., reddish purple); tone is the darkness or lightness; saturation is the amount or intensity of the color, or what Bob Argo calls “juiciness”. Stones fetching higher prices are medium to dark but not too dark, slightly reddish purple and highly saturated. However, some prefer the lighter, more delicate pastels, which are very lovely in their own right.


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