Sell Your Jewelry In Columbus

At Argo & Lehne we will take the necessary time to help you to sell your jewelry in Columbus, OH.
We provide top dollar for jewelry items based on the high price of gold and metals.

Sell Your Jewelry In Columbus, OH

We specialize in jewelry buying pre-1940’s estate jewelry.

(Georgian, Victorian, Art Nouveau, Edwardian & Art Deco)

Although our emphasis is on these eras we purchase all vintage platinum & gold jewelry.

We work to get the top prices for your jewelry while making the process as easy as possible. All items will have an offer and others will also be considered for consignment.

The final decision to sell is always in your hands.

Sell Your Jewelry To Us:

At Argo & Lehne, we will buy more than a piece of jewelry. We will accept any kind of precious metal, such as:

jewelry buyers in columbus

Items We Won’t Buy:

Gold Coins

Gold Bars


Costume Jewelry

Non-precious metal watches

Gold or silver plated items

We are dedicated to providing sellers top dollar for their items based on the high price of gold and other precious materials.

Jewelry Consignment Services

Consignment is a great alternative to outright selling because there is more time to find the perfect buyer. When you consign, you transfer the possession of your pieces to the experts of Argo & Lehne, but ownership of the items remains with you until they are sold to the final consumer. Consignment allows us to incorporate your valuable pieces into our showroom and onto our website, so they have the opportunity to be seen by the most potential buyers. To consign with Argo & Lehne, pieces must meet our criteria of quality, aesthetic demand and inventory need.

We are always happy to answer any questions or examine pieces in-store to determine if they would be best for consignment!

Estate Jewelry Consultation Services

If you are dealing with precious family items or heirlooms, we offer estate consultations to guide you through the estate planning process. Working with our in-house gemologist, we will help you identify the gems and metals in your collection and the fair market value of your pieces.

Once the value of the collection is determined, we’re happy to assist you through the next steps. We can work with you to help you repurpose sentimental pieces into new items, sell your jewelry on your behalf, or even assist you in the process of evenly distributing a collection among family members or heirs.


I realized I am a walking billboard for Argo & Lehne today…all of my jewelry except for my engagement ring is from there and picked out or designed with your help. Thanks for being exceptional..

Chris Bertolo

Columbus, OH

Ready to sell your jewelry in Columbus, OH?

Our team stands ready to support you to purchase direct, consign, or find the best possible buyer for your jewelry. Contact us with any questions about selling your items or visit us in-store today to begin the efficient buying process!
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