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Alfred Tibor | Uplifting Sculpture

Alfred TiborBorn in 1920 in a small village in Hungry, Alfred Tibor has lived an expansive life. From the ferocity of a Russian battlefield, to the brutality of a Siberian prison camp, to the adventure of his life in the U.S. Tibor has experienced all of human emotion, cataloged it within himself, and delivers it to the world through his sculpture.

As spring approaches residents of Upper Arlington and Dublin look forward to the completion of sculpture gardens featuring Tibor’s graceful and up-lifting works.

For more information, watch this video from 10TV on the Tibor Sculpture parks.

Visit us in the store or online to browse many of Tibor’s sculptures.


Alfred Tibor Sculpture on top of the world

Alfred Tibor first flight

Alfred Tibor sisters


Spring Jewelry Trend Report | Columbus Ohio Jewelry Store

The birds are all atwitter as the first signs of spring starting to burst all around us. But, how do we mere humans celebrate the change in season? We like to think your accessories can get you ready for a spring wardrobe refresh.

Here are a few of our favorites. Be sure to check back, as we plan to cover spring favorites with each warming week.

Think sweet and colorful, like this ring literally bursting with spring flowers.

enamel and diamond flower ring


Brighten up your face and your wardrobe with these one-of-a-kind blue lapis and turquoise earrings.

diamond turquoise earrings


Short sleeves means it’s bracelet time! This fresh foliage-inspired bracelet is perfect for adorning bare arms.

sterling silver bracelet


36 Questions to Ask When Insuring Your Jewelry

Here are 36 Questions to Ask Your Insurance Agent 

1. What kinds of jewelry insurance are there?

2. Is my policy all risk?

3. Against what risks is unscheduled jewelry protected?

4. Against what risks is scheduled jewelry protected?

5. What risks are not covered?

6. What is the cost per thousand for full coverage?

7. What is the cost per thousand for partial coverage?

8. What are the limitations of partial coverage?

9. What is the deductible?

10. How much can I lower my premium by increasing my deductible?

11. What security precautions are required?

12. How much can I lower my premium by increasing precautions? (home security systems, special door locks, fire detectors, fireproof in-house safe, items stored in safety deposit box, etc.)

13. What proof is needed to justify a claim?

14. Am I still covered if there is negligence or carelessness?

15. Can I opt for cash instead of replacement?

16. Is cash out for full value? If not, how is it determined?

17. Is depreciation imposed? When, how and to what is it computed?

18. What types of property are not covered?

19. What exclusions are there?

20. Who is covered?

21. What is the difference in limitation between jewelry and silverware?

22. Can I replace a damaged piece or am I limited to repair?

23. What geographical limitations are there to my coverage? Is my children’s jewelry covered for the same risks when they are not at home? (college, summer job, travel in country, travel out of country, etc.)

24. What is coverage if an item is lost, stolen, or damaged while in another’s possession?

25. What is coverage if part of an item is lost, stolen, or damaged in another’s possession?

26. If I lose part of a set is coverage for full value or limited to the percentage of loss?

27. Is an appraisal needed for full coverage?

28. How often should an appraisal be updated?

29. Am I limited to the appraised replacement value if there has been an increase or is coverage for full replacement value at time of loss?

30. How is value determined if an item is irreplaceable?

31. Do any circumstances void my coverage? (flood, lightning, war, nuclear disaster, fire, earthquake, hurricane, tornado, etc.)

32. Can I use my jeweler for replacement?

33. Can I verify proper replacement with my jeweler if an insurance company source makes the replacement?

34. Will my claim and the replacement value be more readily accepted if an AGS Jeweler, Certified Gemologist, Certified Gemologist Appraiser does the appraisal?

35. If I have a lab report or laser identification on my diamond or gem will it enhance my coverage or improve my premium?

36. What is the actual language in the policy for each concern I’ve expressed?

Get Ready for Spring With a Pop of Colored Gemstones | Columbus Ohio Jewelry Store

We don’t know about you, but we can’t wait for spring! There’s no better way to usher in the softer spring styles than with pops of gorgeous gemstone color. Jennifer takes us through some of her favorites, from juicy grape garnets and green quartz to glamorous pink opals.

Shake off those shivers and get ready for blooms and balmy breezes!

gemstone necklace columbus ohio jeweler

Wear anywhere, goes with everything.

multi gemstone ring

Not your ordinary right hand ring.

grape garnet ring

Juicy grape garnets.

pink opal ring

No your average opal.

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide and 10% Off Guy’s Night

Love. It’s essential. It can be elusive. It’s magnanimous. It is something to celebrate. Some may say Valentine’s Day is “Hallmark Holiday,” but we see it as an opportunity to make tangible that intangible sensation that is Love.

In the spirit of this generous holiday, we are having a Guy’s Night February 13 from 5:30-7p.m., during which everything will be 10% off.  There will be good food and drinks and designer and artisan, Chris Cannon, will be here to present his beautiful line of pens and other accessories.  Come in before the February 13 to add items to your Wishlist or create and share a Wishlist on our website,

To get your juices flowing, here are some gorgeous gift ideas for him and her from Jennifer.

golf heart pendant

Sweet and simple heart pendant comes white, yellow, and rose gold.

diamond heart pendant

Love that sparkles and shines. Diamond heart pendants in a a range of sizes.

sterling silver locket

Personalize a love note.

vintage engagement rings

For a love that will last a lifetime, ask the big question.






Three Ways to Style Your LBD

Our very own Jennifer is back with her latest “I’m Loving It” video. This weeks she’s showing us three unique ways to style the classic little black dress. From casual sterling silver, to color citrine, to gobsmacking diamonds, you don’t want to miss this stylish plays on the LBD.


White Gold and Diamond Earrings


Casual sterling silver jewelry.


A beautiful match of citrine and diamonds.


Sunny yellow citrine and sapphire earrings.


This white gold and diamond ring looks vintage, but it’s brand new.


A true stand out. Imagine the weight and elegance of this on your neck.

Opals Crack in the Cold | Columbus Ohio Jeweler

We love to educate our customers. So, in the spirit of education and in response to this intense cold snap we want to be sure you know how to care for your jewelry in the cold. One stone that is particularly vulnerable to the extreme cold are opals.

Jennifer explains in her “Did You Know” video.

Cushion-cut Pink Opal Ring

This unique cushion-cut pink opal and diamond ring is a stunner.

Black Opal Ring

Mesmerizing black opal and diamond ring.

Opal and Diamond Cluster Ring

A floral-inspired diamond and opal cluster ring.

Re-Imagining Vintage Jewelry

Vintage pins are beautiful. But, how often will you really wear them? Jennifer inherited a gorgeous deco pin set from her grandmother and re-imaged it into a wearable stunner of a necklace.

Argo & Lehne are experts in custom jewelry design. We help customers re-imagine old pieces into new treasures every day.


Diamond Studs or Diamond Hoop Earrings?

There are so many tough choices in this world: chocolate or vanilla, heels or flats, cappuccino or latte, and hoops or studs. Luckily, Jennifer is back with her latest “I’m Loving It” video to walk us through selecting the perfect earrings.



How Much Do You Love Me?




These pack a big bang!


You can never go wrong with a classic.

Mixing Yellow and White Gold Pieces | Columbus Jewelry Store

Hello Jewelry Fans! Our latest video from Jennifer takes us through mixing yellow and white gold jewelry. When it comes to vintage and modern, yellow and white, there are some simple rules for mixing it up.


Mix yellow and white gold jewelry

Jennifer’s tips for mixing yellow and white gold jewelry.


Modern yellow gold and diamond ring.

A glimmering yellow gold and diamond ring adds a modern touch.


vintage gold bracelet

Irresistible vintage bracelet with diamonds, and yellow and white gold.