Art at Argo’s: Rebecca Zelanin

Rebecca Zelanin- artist, actress, traveler & Columbus enthusiast.

I’ve had the pleasure to get to know Rebecca in the community and every time I talk to her I learn just another interesting tidbit of her fascinating life. She is one of those people that get things done in an impressive “full steam ahead” way. 

Born in Washington Court House, Rebecca has always been involved in the arts. Her early skills earned her a half scholarship to CCAD. The move to Columbus to attend school opened many doors for Rebecca. She soon became an entrepreneur owning various restaurants, bars and grocery stores in the area. This (and four children) kept her very occupied for many years while her art took a backseat.  Rebecca, now retired, is finally able to really pursue her art. She not only paints but also designs sets and occasionally performs with Red Herring Productions at The Franklinton Playhouse, located at 566 West Rich Street.

Rebecca designed and executed the set for the play Mr. Marmalade at The Franklinton Playhouse. A review described the set as showing you “exactly where you are (in the play)”. Rebecca loved that description. Using it and the set as inspiration while painting, she created an entire series using circles, squares and triangles to explore colors and gray scales. This combination of being a painter and a set designer culminated in the series of paintings called Locations, now on exhibit at Argo & Lehne Jewelers. Locations is on display from July 2 – October 27, 2018.

About Locations

Rebecca describes this series as “what happens to color and shapes when they intersect and overlap; how different shapes are created; and how different colors can emphasize or diminish effects. Like a map, a place or point may be found. Like directions, sometimes that specific place is ambiguous”.

We absolutely love the mid-century modern feel of her paintings with the bold geometrics and color. Her abstract paintings are eye catching with overlapping shapes and colors. I also believe her work is a wonderful representation of Rebecca’s own personality…she is here, there and everywhere: always mingling in our community.


Other inspiration for her work…

Rebecca adores color: the way it changes when you mix it together and layer it. She’s also very drawn to the work of Roger Williams and credits her inspiration to is work. They actually had a lovely show together at local restaurant, Copious, where you were able to see how harmonious their works are side by side.

Roger Williams, large scale deconstuctivist artist, (left) & Rebecca’s work (right) from the exhibit at Copious.

On Being an Artist in Columbus…

Rebecca can’t speak highly enough about Columbus’s art scene. She can be found taking classes at the Cultural Arts Center, out socializing with her fellow members of the Columbus Museum of Art Women’s Board, and exploring so many of the art exhibits around town.

Rebecca also explained that she finds Columbus to be an extremely supportive community when it comes to the arts. She applauds the Greater Columbus Art Council. She has been encouraged by their generosity and expressed that they can be big-hearted with the money they distribute. Rebecca connected to many artists in the area when she assisted the Columbus Museum of Art Women’s Board in advertising & supporting the local artists who donated their work to the 2014 D’Art for Art, now named An Evening with Art. She found this position really increased her networking in the local art community. She now follows these artists and other local artists through Facebook sites like The Artists of 614 and has visited many of their openings at different galleries around town.

How to see Rebecca’s Art & Attend her Opening Reception

Rebecca’s abstract paintings in her Art at Argo’s exhibit, Locations, will be on display in the showroom from July 2 – October 27 . We encourage you to visit Rebecca and her work at her Opening Reception Wednesday, August 15 from 5-7 pm. We will serve drinks, snacks and you will have the opportunity to speak directly with Rebecca!

To view her work in advance, please visit our website.

Don’t miss the opportunity to also see Rebecca’s work at the Ohio State Fair July 25-August 5.

If you’d like to connect with Rebecca via social media, I recommend starting with her website. Don’t miss the link to her fabulous travel blog that details her 10 month trip to Southeast Asia with her husband last year!

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