How to Grow Your Confidence and Embrace the Soul of Spring

We’re all looking for ways to get us through this challenging time. A positive attitude can work wonders. Let’s look around and connect with nature! Think fresh buds, animals awakening and the earth coming to life again. It’s a wonderful opportunity to reboot and resurge. We have gathered a few pointers to ignite that positivity within and connect with the flourishing world around us. Remember to enjoy the weather and take care of yourself.


1. Get Inspired and Connect with Nature

There is nothing more uplifting than the transformation of spring. It is all about new beginnings. The gray days are over and the slow progression of color from blooms begins to envelop us. So, get outside, take walks in nature, invite friends to join you or go solo. We love seeing so much nature-inspired jewelry. Below are a few examples we love. Left to right; a three butterfly ring made with mother of pearl, diamonds and tiger eye set in rose gold. A 32″ sterling silver “Dragonfly” leaf-shaped pendant with yellow gold plating and black ruthenium plating by Jorge Revilla. A gorgeous hex patterned pendant with diamonds in yellow gold from Gumuchian’s B Collection, inspired by honeybees.



2. Being Prepared

With all new beginnings, preparation and knowledge helps you excel. Explore new interests and set a to do list, or as we like to call it, “a conquer list.” If you are prepared and have the self confidence to back it up, you will soar. Below: an Oscar Heyman Bird Pin, Circa 1950’s.  Available upon request from our vintage collection.



3.Getting Organized

Many are using this time productively for spring cleaning and organizing. We’re all more effective and accomplish more when our life and belongings are in order. It’s the perfect time to sort through, rethink and reorganize our jewelry. Then, when we’re again open, let Argo & Lehne clean and check your jewelry.  Also, bring in any pieces you no longer like or use and we can evaluate it for a possible offer to purchase, repurposing or restoration. Let us help you shine from the inside-out!



4. When You Appear Confident You Begin to Feel Confident

Positive attitude, posture, smile and eye contact is so crucial. At Argo & Lehne we believe a few new pieces can make you feel good about yourself. Everyone’s style is different and we encourage wearing items that make you feel comfortable but also give you that extra lift in your step. First impressions are important and we believe with the right outlook and accessories there isn’t anything you can’t conquer! Set up a virtual appointment and we will help you find that perfect piece that puts a smile on your face.

Now get out there and feel the warmth of the temperature change, put a smile on your face and love yourself. You deserve it!

Are you ready to find the perfect piece of jewelry that will add a spring to your step? Browse our jewelry collections today!