Art at Argo’s “Celebrating Sunlight” paintings by Carrie & Michelle Boerio

I recently had the honor of meeting artist, Carrie Boerio in the store and we discussed her and her daughter’s artwork. Once I was able to research and view their works I was like a moth to light! The vivid colors and broad brushstrokes encapsulated in each of their individual paintings draws you in and makes you want to see more. I’m fascinated by these two women for many reasons but absolutely admire and adore their strong, collaborative approach to their art and careers while still being able to clearly define their work as individuals. There are so many similarities and approaches which result in very different and equally beautiful results. Their encouragement and support for each other is so inspiring. With the bright days of summer finally here, what better time to share these artists colorful and radiant works at Art at Argo’s, “Celebrating Sunlight”.

This duo is like watching the rhythmic ebb and flow of a tide. While one charts a new path the other watches and then navigates to a similar yet unique trajectory.  Carrie took classes and created art when she was young but life went in other directions and it wasn’t until her daughter, Michelle, took youth art classes at CCAD that she decided to enroll in adult art classes that took place at the same time. It was a wonderful way to reintroduce herself to the arts and just the beginning of sharing a passion for painting with her daughter. Now, you can find the two working side by side painting plein-air or sharing a studio space.

As a self taught artist, Carrie learned through videos, books, courses from artist she admired (Jim McVicker – plein air, Shelby Keefe – plein air and Chris Groves – semi abstract, to name a few) and however else she could progress and hone her skills. Michelle tagged along when school permitted to these artist training courses/trips. Later, Michelle took a more formal approach in her studies and graduated from The Ohio State University with a BA and Masters in Fine Art. She was very torn from the beginning as to whether her path would be in fine art painting or if she would pursue a career in literature.

As she was graduating, her mother, Carrie, who had progressively been taking her painting in a more serious path decided to pursue her art full-time. This was great incentive for Michelle to soon follow suit and become a freelance artist and educator. Now, the mother – daughter pair often find themselves showing art at the same shows and galleries, like this one. Different takes with similar paths.

About Carrie’s Work

Left to right: Lily Field, plein-air (oil painting), Daffodil Bouquet (watercolor), Before the Storm (oil painting).

“I go outdoors to immerse myself in nature and quite literally, come to my senses (give the present my undivided attention). My paintings savor those experiences of fresh air and sunlit color and offer them to the viewer”.

Being submerged in nature is like an extension to Carrie’s childhood. She explains, “The best parts of my childhood were spent wandering my aunt and uncle’s wooded acres in Pennsylvania, working at their nursery and greenhouse, and family summer vacations at the beach. I see this in my love for painting landscapes, seascapes and florals. The other part of my inspiration is travel. When we experience something new, we are more present. We literally ‘come to our senses.’ I relish painting the things I want to savor from those moments”.  Her work is truly stunning. No matter the medium Carrie selects she uses strong colors and we get this highly intensified close up of nature. She was able to experiment with many palettes but has found that manipulating intense manmade colors is her happy place. She does this by adding white to these colors and creating brighter more intense radiance.

Carrie has also used her artwork to help others through her “What if Every Child Could Thrive” series.  It is a message through art for public awareness and social messaging about how we can change our society for the better and how if we made sure every child could thrive. It only makes sense through Carrrie’s previous work history that this project came about . She was formerly a child advocate in local and national non-profit that worked for the prevention of  child abuse. She has also done illustrations for her own and others’ children’s books. She will soon be posting a video on her website in regards to this important series.

About Michelle’s Work

Art at Argo's

“What Makes A Blue Whale” 2019. 30” x 40”. Acrylic and mixed media on canvas.


“Moments of curiosity and attention to nature offer us a glimpse into the wider, wonderful world. My paintings invite connection to plant-filled spaces and the vibrant colors of natural phenomena”.

When asked, Michelle explains her inspiration comes from “a fascinating universe – it is an intersection of loving nature, natural science and literature”. For example, this gorgeous painting above was created after reading Moby Dick and getting extremely interested in whales and the ocean. She takes the storyline and creates her own depiction and perception of the book. She really solidified this style of painting while living in Siena, Italy. There she was fascinated by the old water duct system in Siena. “They were alien, a desert-y dusty feel that reminded me of Mars”.  She needed to pull this science fiction story plot together to create a series of paintings. It was after this that her artistic path really began to congeal and separate her work from others. She found a way to create using her passions of literature + nature + painting.

In the collection of work selected for “Celebrating Sunlight”, we have chosen some of her most vibrant work. It was a tough call with so many of her paintings full of brightness. Michelle enjoys working with clear, vibrant colors in paintings, especially in landscapes where she can showcase or even exaggerate colors in nature. She also often works with multiple translucent layers of color, so that the layers mix together in some places and earlier layers peek through in other places.

Art at Argo's

See the Art at Argo’s Collection

Please join Art at Argo’s in honoring these talented local artists by visiting: Celebrating Sunlight by Carrie and Michelle Boerio. Currently on display and exclusively available for purchase through September 25th at Argo & Lehne Jewelers. I hope their paintings captivates you as it has captivated us.

All are welcome to join us for an Artists’ Meet & Greet, Saturday, June 26 from 3-5pm as we toast to Carrie and Michelle. It’s a wonderful opportunity to see their work and really get to know the artists and their works even more in depth.

To view the collection of paintings in advance or to purchase on line, visit Art at Argo’s on our website.

Art at Argo’s “Celebrating Sunlight”

June 5 – September 25, 2021

Art at Argo's

“Color Wash” alcohol ink. A piece created by Carrie & Michelle.


If you are interested in sharpening your own painting skills Michelle offers many classes and workshops. Click here to see her most recent class schedule.  Both Michelle and Carrie also create commissioned pieces and you can contact each through their websites.

Carrie Lacey Boerio

Michelle Boerio