Graduating in 2020 – an Interview With an Arlington Senior

Argo & Lehne engraver and shop assistant, Madeline Melragon.

Of course we all are aware that schools are closed for the remainder of the year but what we might not know is the emotional impact this has caused on many graduating seniors. We decided to interview our very own employee and senior at Upper Arlington High School, Madeline Melragon.











Life was very exciting for Upper Arlington senior and Argo & Lehne employee, Madeline Melragon, with just a few short months left of school and plenty of time to enjoy her final year. She and fellow students were just one day away from spring break when life as they knew it abruptly changed. This is when Governor Mike DeWine, announced that schools would be shut down indefinitely and soon there after, for the remainder of the year.  She and her parents decided that due to the pandemic it would be best that she didn’t travel for spring break and therefore foregoing her last trip with friends before heading to college.


Life Now

Since then, Madeline and her friends have stayed in touch through FaceTime and the occasional walk in a park while social distancing. Her studies have continued through online means; however, she feels she is behind in her course work without the day to day instruction and without having accountability. Students receive 30 minutes of work each day for every class, yet testing and exams have all been dismissed.

She is now working to save up for college and also spends her free time baking, embroidering, making collages and spending way too much time on her phone. Those are her words. 😉 She explains what she thought would be a really happy time has now become quite morose. She and her friends were keeping a cry count but it became innumerable, as they were always shedding tears.

The school had a cap and gown pick up, as these items were ordered and paid for in advance. The students were pleasantly surprised to see a small celebration with their mascot, the golden bear, in the parking lot cheering them on. All cars pulled up in a line, students popped their trunks and stayed in their vehicles while names were announced over a megaphone and cap and gowns were delivered to each car. The class will all log in at the end of the month for their virtual commencement.

Left: the Golden Bear mascot. Middle: Madeline picking up her cap and gown while her two friends are in the vehicle behind her. Right: Facetime with friends.

Off to College or not…

The decision of which college Madeline would attend has been made as the university required this May 1. However, it has still not been announced what attending colleges will look like for next year. Will she be taking online courses? Will she be able to move into a dorm? These questions are still unanswered. As I’m sure many students are contemplating the same idea, Madeline wonders if it might be more economical to postpone her commitment to Ohio University and attend a community college. Part of attending a larger university for Madeline was having the college experience. It will be interesting to see if community colleges have a much greater attendance for this very reason and what bigger universities will need to do to keep their students enrolled.


Looking Back

“When I think of my high school experience, I think of constant growth. Throughout the good and bad times of each year, I saw myself become an even greater version of myself. I learned how to become a more creative photographer, a smarter student, and a better friend. When I look back, I will think of the times my friends and I had. Photoshoots in the rain and biking in 90-degree weather to get milkshakes at Chef-o-Nette. Of the times I stayed up late to submit an essay due at 11:59 or to study for a final exam the next day. Of meeting people that care just as much about photography as I do and staying after school with them to do projects every Wednesday in the photography room. I wasn’t the valedictorian of my class, but I’m proud of the academic work I have achieved. I am also proud of the strong relationships I have made with my friends and the confidence we have given each other.  And although it is disappointing my high school career was cut short, I am looking forward to growing more throughout my college years.”


We too can’t wait to see your future unfold and wish you and the rest of the class of 2020 all the best!

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