10 Jewelry Essentials, 10% OFF – One Day Only 10/10

October 10th we will have one of our largest sales with more than half of our inventory reduced to 10% off!

This is the perfect time to begin your holiday shopping. We selected our top list of jewelry essentials that every woman should have in her jewelry repertoire and for one day only have made them 10% off!

1.) Pearl Studs (new and vintage) –

Perhaps, one of the first jewelry gifts a girl gets is a pair of pearl stud earrings. This is often a gift that is given for first communion or graduation. However, a larger pair is also essential for every woman. A classic look that easily dresses up any outfit. Select from a range of colors and sizes by viewing our Pearl Collection and Vintage Earring Collection.



2.) Pearl Strands (new and vintage) –

Pearls are 2020’s hottest jewelry trend! They are a classic through and through and have remained in style for years. From a short choker to opera length and everything in between, the luster of a pearl just says elegance. Shop our Pearl Collection and our Vintage Necklaces.

3. Diamond Studs (new and vintage) –

An every day pair of diamond studs will illuminate every face. We have sizes and styles for all. Shop both our Earring and Vintage Earring Collection. 


4. Diamond Pendants (new and vintage) –

A subtle and sparkly diamond pendant is an easy go to and a great addition to every jewelry collection. Shop our diamond pendants located in the Necklaces & Pendants and Vintage Necklace & Pendant Collections.

5.) Yellow Gold Earrings (new and vintage) –

Fashion forward looks ready for the red carpet to minimalistic every day pieces, if you have the occasion, we have the earrings! We love the versatility of yellow gold earrings. Shop our Earring and Vintage Earring Collection to find your favorite gold earring style.


6.) Sterling Earrings –

Everyday sterling earrings are a must. We have so many styles from drops to hoops and everything in between, there is a style for every woman. Shop our Sterling Earring Collection. 


7.) Yellow Gold Bracelets (new and vintage) –

A rich yellow gold bracelet is an item we all want to have. Sometimes a sterling or white gold just doesn’t match the mood, season or outfit we are wearing. Once again, a classic for a reason. Shop our Bracelets and Vintage Bracelets to find the yellow gold bracelet or bangle for you.



8.) Sterling Cuff Bracelets –

An Argo & Lehne tradition is the sterling cuff bracelet that can be monogrammed and engraved on both the inside and outside of the bracelet. This has always been a great sweet 16 and graduation gift but it’s a classic for all ages. The cuff comes in a few sizes. Illustrated below are common monogram engravings used for the bracelet.

9.) Diamond Bracelets (new and vintage) –

A diamond bracelet is the perfect anniversary gift. We have a selection of platinum, white and yellow gold diamond bracelets in an assortment of styles from tennis bracelets to flex bracelets. Shop our collection of Bracelets and Vintage Bracelets to find the ideal diamond bracelet for you.

10.) Diamond Anniversary Bands (new and vintage) –

An anniversary ring is a ring that symbolizes a milestone in the marriage and is usually a band with many diamonds or gemstones. Anniversary rings are most commonly gifted at major anniversaries, like 5, 10 and 20 years, but can be given at any time. View are diamond anniversary bands in our Women’s Wedding Band and Vintage Wedding Band Collections.