Vintage Jewelry Trends That Are Back in Style

As the saying goes, “what goes around, comes around”. This is true with jewelry as well as clothes. Of course, timing on these trends is of utmost importance. With an acute eye for fashion forecasting, we are here to tell you about all the vintage jewelry trends that are back in style. This way, you can be your most fashion forward self and be ready to dazzle in the upcoming season.

Yellow Gold

Although, this vintage jewelry trend has been popular for sometime now, the it is not going anywhere. With autumn just around the corner, we will see even more rich yellow golds in both new and vintage jewelry. I personally, can not be more pleased as I adore the warmth of yellow gold! Pictured are a pair of gorgeous vintage interchangeable gold dangle earrings, $960 – so versatile as the earrings are sold with gold, lapis, black onyx, tiger eye, carnelian & nephrite jade hoops.

vintage jewelry earrings

Art Deco Inspired Jewelry

Deco style has always caught attention with it’s sleek, bold and geometric lines. This beloved period has come around to a full revival and is seen across the board – from cocktail rings to engagement rings, women are enamored by Art Deco. You will see both vintage and vintage-inspired. Pictured: a stunning sapphire set in a beautiful Art Deco inspired mounting. 

Art Deco Inspired Ring


Old European Cut Diamonds

Popular between 1890 and 1930, the old European cut diamond combines the soft classic look of antique diamonds with several key characteristics of the modern round brilliant cut and is one of the most popular antique shapes. It has a large culet, a very small table, a frosted girdle, and although it has the same number of 58 facets, they are larger. An old European cut diamond is said to have more “fire”, while a modern cut has more “brilliance or sparkle”. Yet, we know better, and it really comes down to one main reason people love this stone, the romance of a time passed. There is just something about a hand crafted piece that bring to mind a more simple time long ago.

vintage jewelry trend of Old European Cut Diamonds

Marquise Diamonds

Although this cut has been around since the 18th century, it reached it’s peak of popularity in the 1970’s and 80’s. People loved the style because it was a little bit different. Well, soon many had it and it became less and less popular. Now today, we see the trend come back into vogue for the very same reason. It is still a unique option in bridal and many are even trying new takes, such as an east/west facing setting. Pictured below is a recent custom design for one happy A&L customer using a marquise.

Marquise Diamonds


Vintage Men’s Rings

Ladies are wearing bigger, vintage gent’s rings. The signet ring is always a favorite with so many beautiful inscriptions. Here is a delicately handsome signet ring. I love the elongated shape with the subtle diamond.


Vintage Charms

Charms with a significant meaning are very chic at the moment, especially those with a talismanic feel, like zodiac charms. Charms that hold special stones which are meant to protect or show love are also very popular. When you see the charm that is meant for you, you will know it! And if you’re after a zodiac charm and can’t find your sign in the vintage market, I can’t recommend enough this InStore Magazine Design Award 2021 winner,  yellow gold with blue zircon and diamond Scorpio constellation charm. 

Vintage Jewelry Charms


The last of the vintage jewelry trends is something that you have seen here before, but still so popular that it is worth a mention. Pearls are a classic look that have been in style throughout the ages and aren’t going anywhere. Whether you are after that traditional strand, a dramatic opera length or something more modern, there are pearls for everyone. Photographed below: vintage pearl and diamond drop earrings in platinum and a pair of modern yellow gold baroque pearl earring


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