The Different Ways to Resize Your Wedding Ring

Wedding rings are ranked amongst the most precious gifts. Besides the change of your relationship status, wedding rings bear a strong sense of value and thoughtfulness. Unfortunately, with time, your wedding band can stop fitting snugly around your finger, making it difficult for you to wear it. Whether your wedding ring has become too tight or too loose, you can resize it to the perfect fit.

Does Your Ring Need to Be Resized?

Rings come in sizes and just like the body, the shape and size of your fingers can change with time. Ideally, your engagement or wedding ring should slip into your finger easily and fit snugly but comfortably. The following are some indicators that your ring needs to be resized:-

  • If it is too snug, then you will need to enlarge it.
  • If it cannot fit beyond the knuckles, it needs to be enlarged.
  • If it keeps on rotating around the finger, it should be reduced in size
  • If it slips off your finger without the slightest resistance, you should have it decreased in size.

How to Enlarge A Ring Size

Generally, enlarging a ring is more complicated than reducing its size. This can be done by stretching the metal up to half its original size. Stretching entails heating the bottom part of the ring and stretching it. Although this process is effective in increasing the ring, it can easily ruin its quality and many jewelers avoid it.

Another enlargement process involves cutting the ring and soldering an attached matching piece to it. This method is much safer and can be used on rings that are embedded with precious stones. Once the ring is polished, it will be difficult to tell whether it has been modified.

How to Reduce a Ring Size

Reducing the size of your wedding band can be done using a sizing assistant. The sizing assistant is composed of beads which when fitted into your ring, reduce its circumference and hold the precious stones in place.

Wedding ring reduction can also be done using the ring guard. The ring guard size adjuster occupies the extra space, reducing the size of the ring. If neither of this help, the jeweler can precisely cut off a piece of metal from your ring, then solder and polish it back to perfection.

Silver, gold, and platinum rings are easy to work with and can be resized to your preference. However, wedding rings made from tungsten and titanium are too tough to be manipulated. 

Ultimately, when your wedding ring no longer fits properly, you can have it resized by your jeweler or repurposed. If all else fails you should visit Argo & Lehne Jewelers to buy a unique wedding band, tailored to your taste and size.