What Jewelry To Wear With Your Wedding Dress

Except for our engagement ring and wedding band, we can often overlook jewelry accessories for our big day.  I have seen the bride who wears it all and the bride who is afraid that the jewels will dominate her dress and opts for a very stark look that begs for a touch of sparkle. Jewelry and accessories can enhance anyone’s style. Here we will discuss the many jewelry options and most important things to consider when selecting your jewels for the day.

What Jewelry To Wear With Your Wedding Dress

Photo by Jonathan Borba.

1. Make Sure you Feel Confident and Comfortable in the Jewels and Accessories you Choose

You want to feel your absolute best on your day. So, forego jewels that require too much fussing. You don’t want to be straightening a necklace all evening, checking to make sure your hair accessory hasn’t fallen out or double checking that you haven’t lost a clip-on earring. Let all your attention be on you and your partner.

2. Don’t Overwhelm Yourself

You are the star of the show and we and all your guests want you to shine. Statement earrings and necklaces are fabulous when worn in a way that doesn’t overpower you. Also, think about how you will wear your make-up. If you plan to wear bright red lips, consider a more subtle jewelry approach. If you are going for a more natural look with a traditional white gown then by all means don’t be shy; throw a pop of color in your jewelry with a subtle gemstone or two, and sparkle with the right amount of diamonds.

3. Compliment your Gown

Choose necklaces that look right with your dress. A lower neckline is the perfect canvas for a drop necklace. Choose styles that follow the curve of the neckline. Dresses with collars look best without necklaces; a better approach is a pair of sparkling earrings. A sweetheart necklace looks best with a shorter necklace. We want to keep eyes focused on you. 😉 A heavily sequined dress may also require a more subtle jewelry look. While we, of course, love the shimmer of jewelry more than most, we also understand, like all things in life, balance is important.

4. Bracelets Can Be Dangerous

Many brides don’t think about the possible problems with bracelets, such as snagged and ripped gowns. Watch out, especially if you have lace, toile or other delicate fabrics.

5. Look for Style Inspiration from the Theme or Style of your Wedding and the Venue

Dripping diamonds might not be the perfect place for an outdoor beach wedding, while beautiful natural pearls, coral and beachy colors like turquoise may be an excellent choice. If you have a more vintage style dress and venue, accentuate this with some period pieces.

6. Matching your Engagement and Wedding Band Metals to your Jewelry and Accessories

Your overall look will be more cohesive if you stick with one metal color for all of your jewelry. However, if your engagement ring and band have mixed metals, feel free to follow suit.

7. When in Doubt, Stick to the Tried and True

Always remember, a traditional look such as diamonds and pearls will stand the test of time. You can look back at your photos and they will always be in style. We love the modern day version of the pearl look with more contemporary styles too.

8. Be Unique

Trends are fun but may not necessarily be your style. Find fashions that really reflect you.  You can also utilize pieces in different ways such as a brooch for a hairpin. Be creative.

9. Something Borrowed

Perhaps it’s an old wives tale but we love the sentiment of lending the bride a piece of jewelry for good luck. So much so that we created a Something Borrowed program at Argo & Lehne Jewelers. If you purchase your wedding set with us we allow you to pick out the perfect jewels for your day from our extensive jewelry box, our store. Our team will gladly help you find your ideal wedding day look. We also say yes to the offer of something from a family member.  It’s so nice to wear a piece from your loved one while you walk down the aisle to say, “I do”.

10. Remember the Day

There are several ways to remember the day through jewelry. Some have restored family heirlooms for their wedding day that they can pass on to their children. Others have created new custom pieces specifically designed for the day, intending to pass them on and, of course, you can always purchase an item specifically for the day. I know I have a necklace that I made for my big day, and although my daughter is young, she already covets the piece. I actually look forward to gifting it to her for her wedding. It will be so special.

Come see us or browse our extensive inventory of jewelry online and find the just the right jewelry for your big day!